myAvatarI’m frequently asked by those who don’t work in schools if I still teach the Dewey Decimal System (as in, after I tell them I’m an LMS, they say, “So what do you actually teach?  The Dewey Decimal System?) which led to the title of this blog.

So what do I do if it’s not that?

I’ve been a teacher for 12 years. I stared my career as a 9th Grade English Teacher and then passed through 7th grade English, before landing in a K-5 elementary school.

I’m a librarian, media specialist, information sifter, and organizer of all the things.

I teach on a fixed schedule, run our weekly “live” video announcements, a book club, and a digital photography club.

I coordinate around 100 student helpers throughout the day.  They help with check in/out, shelving, design, displays, and lesson prep.  I couldn’t do my job without them.

While I have genrefied my Fiction section, I haven’t completely abandoned Dewey just yet- only the antiquated notion of libraries that he brings to the table.